mine detection equipment

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Land Mine Detection

Jan 09, 2012· The goal is to use underground signals and determine whether these signals represent a land mine This technology affects people around the world, as there are an estimated 60 million to 100 ....

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This drone can detect and detonate land mines

Jul 19, 2016· The creators of a drone that can autonomously map, detect, and detonate land mines say their technology could potentially clear the world of these deadly devices in less than 10 years' time It's....

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Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD)

The Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD), previously known as Chubby, is a wheeled landmine detection and route clearance system produced by DCD Protected Mobility (DCD), a part of DCD GROUP The vehicle was originally developed for the South African Army in the 1970s...

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NATO to receive mine

NATO has extended its contract for the AN-19/2 Mine Detecting Set from Schiebel, to include an extra 900 units on top of the 1,700 units ordered as part of an earlier July 2017 agreement Schiebel announced in an 18 March statement that the equipment will be used by the alliance for military and humanitarian de-mining...

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Husky VMMD

Jan 09, 2020· The ALMDS uses pulsed laser light and streak tube receivers housed in an external equipment pod to image the entire near-surface volume potentially containing min ALMDS is capable of day or night operations without stopping to stream out or recover equipment and without towing any equipment in the water...

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